Project ID: ert0086




Επιφάνεια: 195τμ

Ισχύς: 17kW

Γεωθερμικό Σύστημα: Οριζόντιο Κύκλωμα 

Απόσβεση: 6 έτη

Αίγινα 2006



2006 "Building a house for our family was not so much about cement, iron and glass. It was a way of life choice. In this regard the geothermic heat-pump fit in quite well: it makes economical sense on the medium and long term, it allows to spare space and avoid ugly appliances, low maintenance - if any - and it is ecologically clean. What more do you want?"


2012 "Yes, I am still in Aegina and plan to remain (life permitting). Your system works like a swiss watch! I keep having compliments from people coming over (although I did not do anything...well, except paying for it).
For that matter, I think I’m pretty close to break-even. If your system has clearly demonstrated its quality by now, I must say that my controller (although homemade) has been up to level so far. I did not have a single failure in the whole system so far."

-Marco Fratnik, Owner -




οικονομική θέρμανση & οικονομική ψύξη όλο το χρόνο

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